Virtual Gucci bag sells for $700 more than its real-life counterpart

A Gucci virtual handbag on gaming platform Roblox has sold for a higher price than the bag is worth in real life.

During the luxury fashion giant’s virtual ‘Gucci Garden’ exhibition last week, a virtual version of its highly coveted Dionysus Bag with Bee, sold for 475 ‘Robux’($6).

However, it wasn’t long before scalpers caught wind of this unique virtual item and began reselling it for increasingly exorbitant prices.

Eventually the virtual Dionysus Bag with Bee sold for 350,000 Robux, the equivalent of around $4115.

This is over $700 more than the real-life Gucci bag retails for at $3400.

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Virtual fashion is quickly becoming a focus for many luxury fashion brands, providing an inexpensive and innovative way to connect with younger consumers.

In March Burberry became the latest to explore this emerging trend, launching a range of new branded digital skins for China’s biggest video game “Honor of Kings”.

Roblox is an increasingly popular virtual network or ‘game creation system’, which allows users to both create their own games and explore other peoples creations.

Crucially it also enables transactions in its own digital currency Robux, enabling users to buy items and skins for their avatars for real money.

Gucci is currently hosting a virtual garden in Roblox, in which users’ characters will become neutral mannequins when they enter, gradually absorbing elements of the exhibition as the walk through different rooms.

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