Klarna hit by major technical fault allowing users to log in to other customers’ accounts

Klarna was forced to shut down its app yesterday after a severe technical issue enabled users to log into other customers’ accounts and access their personal information.

The ‘buy now, pay later’ giant was hit by major technical troubles yesterday, seeing users who tried to log in be signed in to other members’ accounts seemingly at random, allowing them to edit details and access personal information.

This is understood to have included postal addresses, purchases, payment methods and even partial bank details.

Klarna has denied that any “card or bank details” were disclosed to users during the technical issues, but a number of customers took to social media to refute this.

The Swedish payments giant, which has been fighting hard to rebuild its public image amid a growing disquiet about its services, was forced to shut down the app completely.

For a number of hours yesterday, anyone who tried to log into the app was presented with a message stating “Sorry, the Klarna app is currently down for maintenance”.

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In a statement issued by Klarna, it sought to assure customers this was not due to an attack from outside sources, but rather was a self-inflicted error which took place after a system update.


“Trust is at the very core of Klarna and banking,” it said in a statement.

“This is why we are sad and frustrated to inform you of a self-inflicted incident, that for 31 min affected not more than 9,500 of our app users. The bug led to random user data being exposed to the wrong user when accessing our user interfaces.

“It is important to note that the access to data has been entirely random and not showing any data containing card or bank details (obfuscated data was visible). Even though GDPR would classify the information visible as “non-sensitive”, for Klarna all data is important. We are taking this incident very seriously and we will work tirelessly to regain the affected consumers’ trust.”

Klarna later reduced this figure to 9500 of its users.

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  • [email protected]://developers.klarna.com/documentation/klarna-payments/security/#why-is-web-security-important
    June 18, 2021 6:16 pm

    Omg so I’ve never had a problem paying Klarna but the last few payments are saying sit back relax as I’ve nothing to pay !! The next thing is that my payments didn’t go through ?? Even tho it said paid on my account . I’ve reported it to Klarna but don’t no if it’s the real Klarna or a FAKE Klarna ?? Don’t no what’s going on ?


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