Amazon Basics range under review following complaints of products catching fire and exploding

Amazon’s Basics range is being reviewed by safety regulators after concerns were raised by customers.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has received reports from customers that some items in the Amazon Basics range are setting fire, exploding or melting.

The range, which include some of the ecommerce giant’s best sellers features common household items such as kettles, microwaves and other appliances.

At least eight items in the range, including a battery charger, surge protector, phone charging cords, patio heaters and a voice controlled microwave are under examination by the US regulator, citing public records and customer interviews as evidence, CNN reported.

An investigation in September last year discovered more over 70 Amazon Basics product pages had around 1,500 of negative reviews stating that they were prone to melting, exploding and catching fire.

The reviews identified represent a small fraction of the overall purchases of the products, and fires caused by consumer electronics are not unique to Amazon branded items.

A house fire incident in 2017 was initiated by an Amazon Basics USB cored according to fire marshals.

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Another incident occurred when a customer’s surge protector ignited and started a fire in his home the following year.

Amazon paid a settlement fee of $1500 to cover the damages however continued to sell the product for nearly two years.

The marketplace refused to recall the items and many were still on sale after the investigation concluded, despite reports that they posed safety hazards.

A CPSC spokesperson refused to confirm to CNN whether or not the investigation existed or what products were being reviewed.

The report prompted US regulators to ask Amazon to recall any of the products which were highlighted as being high risk of malfunction.

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