Ebay reprimands sellers for “late shipments” after failing to recognise postal holiday

Ebay has been slammed by sellers after it reprimanded them for “late shipments” despite it failing to recognise the orders were made on a postal holiday.

Ebay has punished a number of sellers with late shipment marks after they failed to ship items on Memorial Day (May 31), which is a postal holiday in the US.

Sellers took to social media and Ebay’s dedicated community forum to highlight the issue, with many expressing further anger that Ebay’s customer support services could not understand the problem.

One seller said: “Just checked my eBay dashboard, which now grades me below 97%, due to 7 items ‘not being uploaded.’ Most of those low gradings occurred on May 31 (Memorial Day), when U. S. Post Offices were CLOSED! ”

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“When the post office opened again on June 1, all those shipments were uploaded on time — and most of them have been received by the buyers, without any complaints about being ‘late.’”

Another seller, who said they were contacting an attorney over the matter, said: “I clearly described the problem to them on facebook, that the system is glitched and is punishing people for not shipping things on Memorial day, they responded by asking me if I uploaded tracking information lol despite telling them 4 times I purchased my labels through Ebay.

“Ebay is now the Facebook of online selling, as none of their customer support even understands the problem.”

Ebay has now rectified the issue, stating: “A technical issue is causing your projected seller level and metrics to display incorrectly in multiple regions. We’re aware of this issue and are working to fix it as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

It comes amid growing discontent among Ebay’s seller base following a number of significant changes made to its practices.

Earlier this month, Ebay updated its terms of use, putting in place new changes which means sellers will now receive payments from Ebay directly into their bank accounts, rather than through PayPal.

The changes, which came into effect on June 1, are mandatory and sellers are not able to opt out of what Ebay calls the “managed payments system”.

This proved controversial with Ebay’s seller community, seeing many take to seller forums to call for a boycott and threaten to stop using its platform.

Many are concerned that without PayPal acting as an intermediary Ebay, which is seen as largely bias towards customers regarding disputes, will now exert too much control over their sales.

Some have raised concerns that refunds could be automatically issued to buyers if there are any disputes, leaving them vulnerable to the increasing number of fraudsters.

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