Tesco “sorry” after payment glitches cause shoppers to be charged up to 3 times

Tesco shoppers have been charged up to three times for their shopping after two separate payment glitches were reported on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday MoneySavingExpert warned customers shopping in Tesco with Monzo cards that they may have been charged twice following a technical error, after receiving around 40 complaints from concerned shoppers over the week.

According to the consumer advice publication, the issue affected customers across the UK in areas including London, Lincoln, Wigan and County Durham.

A day later further complaints began to emerge of similar issues affecting customers using other cards when attempting to pay contactlessly, leading some to be charged three times for their shopping.

A number of Tesco shoppers were informed that their contactless payment had initially been declined, forcing them to pay for the goods again, sometimes multiple times.

They later discovered that despite being told their payment was declined, they were charged for each attempt.

Tesco said that it was aware of both issues and aimed to issue automatic refunds on all duplicate payments.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said: “We had a temporary problem with a small number of contactless card payments in our stores on Saturday.

“We very quickly fixed the issue but we are sorry to any customer that was affected. Customers will only pay once and any duplicate authorisations in their accounts will be automatically reversed.”

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Co-founder of www.merchantadviceservice.co.uk Libby James added: “This software glitch customers experienced in Tesco over the weekend could be down to a host of technical issues varying from an intermittent internet connection, to too many transactions being processed at once – it’s hard to pinpoint the problem.

“However, shoppers who purchased goods from Tesco over the weekend should thoroughly check their online bank transactions to ensure they have not been overcharged. For those who were affected, they should directly contact the merchant for a refund.

“Although technology has failed Tesco customers on this occasion, to avoid this where possible in future instances, try not to be too hasty when it comes to contactless payments and wait for the transaction to be authorised, rather than tapping again to be safe.”

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