Ikea branded “pathetic” after becoming latest brand to boycott right-wing news channel GB News

Ikea has become the latest major brand to join an advertising boycott of the UK’s new right-leaning news channel GB News.

GB News launched on UK television screens earlier this week, pledging to “lend an ear to some of Britain’s marginalised and overlooked voices” and produce “anti-woke” US-style news content.

However just days in and the new channel is already facing an advertising boycott from a number of major brands, including Ikea, Specsavers, Pinterest, Nivea, Grolsch, Kopparberg, the Open University and insurer LV.

Activist group Stop Funding Hate published a list of brands that have run adverts on the new channel, including numerous retailers like Co-op, Amazon, Wickes, Starbucks and delivery giant Deliveroo among others.

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Stop Funding Hate called for a boycotts of brands that advertise on the platform, alleging that the money goes towards funding divisive political issues, going again British broadcasting regulations requiring politically balanced content.

This led many to pull their advertising from GB News, with Ikea, Kopparberg and Grolsch all stating that they felt the channels content would go against their brand’s aim to be inclusive.

Many others including Pinterest, Nivea and the Open University said they had no knowledge of an advertising agreement with the channel.

In turn, the advertising boycott has sparked a backlash from GB News’ proponents, with the likes of  Piers Morgan stating he would now boycott Ikea.

Theresa May’s former political advisor Nick Timothy pondered: “Can anybody even articulate why a serious institution like the Open University should boycott GB News?

“What is the crime? And were ITV, Sky etc committing the same crime when they employed the presenters and reporters now at GB News?”

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  • Right leaning? Are you serious? It’s heavily right wing, biased opinion based (no focus on balanced debate and certainly not regard for truth), and downright dangerous, just look at Fox News (who it has admitted to be emulating here) and it’s broadcasts. Consistently peddling conspiracy theories and nationalistic ideals, supporting division, hatred and yes, racism.
    Funny how heavy right wing media carry on about lefty snowflakes, and yet Piers is the biggest snowflake of them all!

    • Oh look…

      another lefty throwing their toys out of the pram because people have a different view point.

      People like you are a disgrace.

      • “Sam” also has no regard for truth himself. GB News has explicitly stated that it does NOT wish to emulate Fox News.

    • Absolute rubbish. Wetting yourself because opinions different to yours are being aired. Funny how those who preach tolerance are the least tolerant and those who breach inclusiveness are the least inclusive. The hypocrisy is off the scale.

  • A great news channel.

    The left wanting to shut down anything that doesn’t fit in with their views. They are too ignorant and stupid to realise that its because of these actions that GB News started in the first. The left are a danger to this country. You only have to go on Twitter to see how idiotic these people are. Anyone who disagrees with their deluded, feeling matter more than facts, way of thinking is bullied, harassed, threatened and given a label.

    It’s about time the right leaning people had a news channel. Best of luck to GB news. These advertisers will lose out, it’s mostly the right leaning who have disposable income to buy their products.

  • Anndra McConnich
    June 16, 2021 12:03 pm

    I would boycott Ikea, Open University, Kopparberg and Octopus Energy but they don’t provide anything of value: all low quality offerings from companies in decline. And note how few of the companies listed are actually British anyway. All EU-domiciled ones (Ikea, Nivea, Kopparberg, Grolsch) are already being boycotted by millions across the UK.

  • Chris Harding
    June 16, 2021 1:04 pm

    Some people do need to remember that its actually OK for people to have beliefs and opinions that aren’t a copy/paste of their own irrespective of the subject matter… Who else remembers when that was allowed?! Watch the channel or not, do as you please, but I don’t believe for one moment the channel is “heavily right wing” as one fellow commenter has stated here. Just because you don’t personally agree with something someone else has said, does not necessarily make it divisive, hatred or indeed racist. Its all opinion essentially simple as that, in precisely the same way that all other media outlets put out no matter what their respective skews may be. All are all regulated by Ofcom and will be working within the permitted parameters, for their own good if nothing else. There are some brands opting (daftly, imho) to turn their back on perfectly decent people who don’t happen to follow the current ‘popular’ narrative. Again imho, Ikea is more hypocritical than most here with the employee snooping they’ve been convicted for within their French arm right now. Meanwhile, Kopparberg proclaim their product to be for ‘everyone’ whilst alienating half a nation. Each to their own though of course.

  • I can’t believe this. Following the IKEA story I searched out this new channel and watched it at lunchtime. Very interesting, objective and well informed debate about inflation and interest rates. Very fed up with all the trivial stuff on the BBC so-called “news”, so I will watch it again. Congratulatuons IKEA for doing good advertising for GB News and for drawing my attebtion to it. Thank you.

  • I don’t buy any of those companies products. GBN = It was a rubbish news channel. Its just arguments and arguements. We don’t need that. It’s FoxUK. We don’t need that. I turned off after a few hours because it was too annoying. We need good journalism without prejudice views. And if it’s racist it usually is. you can think what you like + we can all have our opinions but we don’t need it ramming down us just for advertising and ratings for a channel that’s not very good. We also need a better world of positive issues rather than all the negative issues so we can have some good news and not just fake arguements for ratings. Yawn.

  • I don’t much like woke adverts that are anti white racist so I am happy to see these people go. I boycott them anyway just for their offensive propaganda. Many of us would be happy to pay a subscription fee to GB news and stop paying the BBC too if we had a choice.

  • Tracy pinks
    June 17, 2021 1:21 pm

    Don’t forget money supermarket they have come the same game. These companies who claim they had no idea they were advertising on GB news, what utter rubbish. Boycott everyone of these companies to teach them some manners. I would urge supermarkets to pull these products, and Ikea is going to suffer. I choose not associate with any of these companies as in one word they are discriminating GB news.

  • Roger Stone
    June 17, 2021 1:29 pm

    Wow for people who detest lefties who get their feelings hurt so easily you sure do seem upset about this boycott.

  • Booked an eye test at Specsavers, reviewed their policies, failed to turn up. Thousands of no-shows will hurt these people.

  • Chris Davie
    June 25, 2021 1:05 pm

    Well I’ve already left Octopus Energy and Pintrest because of the “Stop Funding The Things We Hate” extreme left wing campaign and I don’t think I’ll bother with IKEA now. It’s their loss.

    These companies need to realise Twitter isn’t British public opinion and most of us cannot stand that echo chamber with all of it’s pomposity, political bias and virtue signalling. A very small percentage of the British population go on Twitter.

    Britain is actually pretty open minded and therefore would openly accept differing opinions and views on the world. It’s just that these woke cancelling groups are not only intolerant of the average British person with the slightest hint of traditional values, they actively hate them and label them derogative terms. They wish to cancel people and dismiss people with other views. They also openly hate our country and it’s history, which is an instant turn off.

    Companies should stay well clear of these political activist groups. Companies should not get involved in politics. And companies should not preach politics to it’s customers in the same way Ben & Jerrys, Sainsbury’s, LUSH and their ilk do. Have ethical goals like the Co-op if you wish, but don’t ram it down the consumers throats. We don’t need to know nor care about what you think about politics. We have our own opinions and if we would want to know your company’s view on a political issue we would send you an email personally. Stop it now.


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