Facebook to trial adverts in Oculus VR headsets

Facebook will trial advertisements in its Oculus virtual reality (VR) headsets, the company announced on Wednesday.

The big tech giant had previously announced in May it was launching adverts on its Oculus mobile platform however it has gone one step further and will trial adverts that Oculus users will see in their headsets.

The first adverts will appear in shooter game Blaston, developed by Resolution Games before being rolled out to two other Oculus apps in the next few weeks.

Facebook generates 97 per cent of its overall revenue from advertising and has said the Oculus ads could provide new revenue streams for software developers.

Users will be subjected to the same privacy options as they would for adverts on Facebook’s mobile and desktop platforms, having the option to hide specific ads or find out why they are being shown particular ones.

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However the social media platform has made clear that adverts won’t be based on any data that’s stored in the headsets, such as images from the devices sensors or hand-tracking feature

locally on users’ headsets, such as any images from their devices’ sensors or any images of their hands from the hand-tracking feature.

Facebook finished 2020 strongly, citing an “ongoing shift towards online commerce” as the reason for its 33 per cent increase in revenue.

The company’s net income rose 53 per cent to $11.2 billion, while its monthly user base grew 12 per cent year-on-year.

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