Google opens first physical store where customers can shop, test and fix its gadgets


Google has officially opened the doors to its first ever physical retail store in New York providing a raft of interactive experiences where shoppers can explore its expansive range of hardware.

Google’s store opened to the public on Thursday morning where shoppers can purchase, test and learn about and fix everything from Google’s Stadia gaming platform to its Chromebooks, Fitbits, Pixel phones and Nest devices.

The launch marks a significant shift towards a focus on hardware for the tech giant, which unlike its many of its major rivals generates around 80 per cent of its revenue from advertising, rather than physical goods.

It has been designed to allow customers to experience its latest hardware and technology firsthand, featuring a range of dedicated rooms with interactive events.

One room allows shoppers to play on Google’s Stadia game streaming service, encouraging them start playing on one device, such as a mobile phone, then transfer their session over to a TV or laptop.

Elsewhere “simulated living rooms” will demonstrate how Google’s huge range of smart speakers will work in the home environment, including how they can interact with its other gadgets.

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In another “sandbox” customers will be invited to test out its Pixel phones new night sight camera feature.

Staff will be on hand throughout the store to answer “all your technology questions” while the store will feature a support desk which is able to carry out on-site repairs.

Its latest software technology will also be on display throughout the store, including a 17ft tall glass structure near the entrance which will repeat a phrase back to you in 24 languages, showing off Google’s Translate functionality

The tech giant hopes the store will help inform its future gadgets, taking not of where its customers gravitate and building on those insights.

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  • Ken Christy
    June 18, 2021 9:30 am

    Wow, how light and airy this store is. Could this be the answer for some of that prime ex John Lewis, Frasers and
    Debenhams real estate? Great lifestyle video, and clear messaging. Well done Google.


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