Microsoft now worth more than $2 trillion

Microsoft is now valued at over $2 trillion as trading finished on Tuesday after the unveiling of Windows 11, the first release of its famed operating system since 2016.

The big tech giant’s valuation has doubled in the last two years, with a growing demand for products such as its Teams app which was a lifeline for businesses during the pandemic.

Microsoft has bolstered its non-computing arms of its businesses in recent years and found growth in acquisitions and cloud services, with the company’s share price reflecting its new found rejuvenation.

The company has seen its stock grow more than 600 per cent since there was a change in leadership in 2014, with Satya Nadella replacing Steve Ballmer.

Under Ballmer’s 14 year tenure as company chief executive the company’s stock dropped by 32 per cent.

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Nadella introduced Microsoft’s popular Office programmes like Word and Excel to its’ competitors’ Apple and Google app stores.

He also released Windows 10 as a free update unlike its two predecessors.

Unlike its big tech rivals, it has largely managed to avoid antitrust investigations or scrutiny in the past, while Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google have recently been under the microscope of regulatory bodies.

Microsoft has also shelled out over $45 billion in acquiring companies, including businesses social networking site LinkedIn and gaming giant Bethesda.

The company said in April it had agreed to acquire speech-recognition company Nuance for $19.7 billion, inclusive of equity and debt.

Microsoft became one of the first companies to exceed a $1 trillion valuation in April 2019 while also holding the title of being the most valuable public company on the planet, however this has since been taken by rival Apple.

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