Amazon hit by massive global outage leaving many unable to access site for hours

Amazon has experienced its second major outage in as many months seeing its shopping service go down across the globe for a number of hours.

More than 38,000 users reported issues with Amazon’s online store across Sunday evening in the US and Monday morning for many other regions, according to data from Downdetector.

It is understood that the site was down for around two hours across the US, UK, India, Canada, France and Singapore, with around 80 per cent of users reporting issues stating it was with Amazon’s website.

The ecommerce giant says it has now returned to normal services, stating that “some customers may have temporarily experienced issues while shopping,” adding that it had now “resolved the issue, and everything is now running smoothly”.

The outage was so widespread that #Amazondown began trending on Twitter, with the Amazon Help account responding to concerned users apologising “for the hassle” and assuring their teams would “get it back to normal soon”.

It comes just weeks after a separate outage at Amazon, which brought down its Alexa and Prime Video services for large portions of its network.

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It is not yet clear whether this was an internal error or the result of third-party malicious actors, with Amazon refusing to give comment.

Last week hackers belonging to REvil, a Russian-speaking cybercrime unit, launched a sophisticated ransomware attack on IT giant Kaseya, whose technology by around 200 business and across millions of machines.

Sweden’s Coop, one of the country’s largest grocers with over 800 stores, was severely impacted by the attack being forced to close huge portions of its estate while its checkout tills were made unusable.

This represented one of the largest and most advanced cyberattacks to date, and exposed the vulnerability of retailers to bad-actors seeking to cause as much disruption as possible

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