Etsy sees rapid rise in sellers as pandemic accelerates side hustles

Etsy has seen the number of active sellers on its platform almost double as over two million people looked to side hustles during the pandemic.

According to a study by, the number of people using Etsy’s platform to sell their handmade products rose from 2.69 million last year to 4.63 million in 2020 as the pandemic impacted people’s day jobs.

The study suggests that London is the side hustle capital of the UK, with over 1.1 million products being sold by Londoners last year.

The most commonly sold product categories in the capital include home and living, homeware and crafts, jewellery, art and collectables.

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Average product prices stood at £10.57 per item, with the these businesses bringing a total income of £11 million to entrepreneurial Londoners.

Manchester, Glasglow, Birmingham and Southampton also proved to be the most lucrative cities for Etsy entrepreneurs.

The most popular category is home and living, accounting for over 25 per cent of all Etsy sellers’ goods, including everything from furniture to crafts.

This was closely followed by art and collectibles, and jewellery seeing 21 per cent and 15 per cent of sellers have listings in these categories respectively.

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