Snapchat to offer in-app shopping after partnering with Verishop

Snap has announced it is partnering with ecommerce platform Verishop to offer in-app shopping on its  platform as “social commerce” continues to gather pace.

The new in-app service, coined “Verishop Mini” will offer a variety of products from brands including Ganni, Labucq, Kosas.

The social media platform is switching its focus over to its ecommerce operations as it attempts to tap into the burgeoning social commerce market which is set to be worth over $3 trillion by 2028.

Snap has also moved towards augmented reality on its app including the launch a raft of new try-on features and a new ‘Screenshop’ product discovery tool.

The social media giant announced a string of new features, services and brand partnerships at its annual Partner Summit event in May.

Building on its continued efforts to challenge Facebook and Instagram in the online shopping space Snapchat has expanded its in-app store functionality, previously only available to a limited number of selected brands, to any retailer.

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Retail brands are able to set up shoppable product catalogues, allowing customers to place orders directly in the Snapchat app, and add their own AR filters.

Snap has also partnered with ecommerce platform Farfetch and luxury clothing retailer Gucci to offer virtual try-ons of outerwear and shoes in the last year.

Snapchat users will be able to virtually try on a range of products found on Verishop including lip gloss and sunglasses, the company said.

Verishop’s chief executive officer, Imran Khan, spent three years as Snap’s chief strategy officer before co-founding the ecommerce platform.

Before co-founding Verishop, its chief executive officer Imran Khan spent three years at Snap as chief strategy officer.

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