Ultra-fast grocery delivery company Jokr posing big threat to rivals says former Amazon exec

Fresh-faced ultra-rapid grocery delivery startup Jokr posese a major threat to its rivals according to former Amazon executive Brittain Ladd.

Jokr recently completed a $170m series A funding round which will allow it to branch out to new areas of operation including in its native city of New York.

The startup has big aspirations of becoming the new Amazon according to company founder Ralph Wenzel.

“We are true believers in the fact that the world needs a new Amazon, a better one, a more sustainable one, one that appreciates local areas and products,” he said.

“We continue to build Jokr into the premier platform for a new generation of online shopping, with instant delivery, a focus on local product offerings and more sustainable delivery and supply chains.”

Jokr uses a similar model to other players including Getir and Gorillas, which use “dark stores” to stock produce in strategically placed locations in urban areas to enable rapid delivery orders.

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However Wenzel believes Jokr’s model is stronger than that of London-based Gorillas.

“We are close to the equivalent of Instacart, strongly grocery focused. Our offering is significantly broader than the ones of Gorillas’ because we’re not only focusing on convenience and all kinds of different grocery categories, we’re getting closer to a supermarket offering, so the biggest competing element would be the traditional supermarkets, the offline supermarkets, as well as online grocery propositions,” he told Tech Crunch.

“We are vertically integrating and hence procuring directly, cutting out middlemen and building our own distribution warehouses.”

Ex-Amazon executive and supply chain consultant Ladd added: “The grocery industry is going to see massive disruption through the 2020s.”

“In addition to the growth of rapid grocery delivery, I believe we will see increased consolidation in the grocery industry. For example, Albertsons and Ahold Delhaize merging, or Target and Kroger merging.

“Can Jokr become the next Amazon? That remains to be seen. What’s certain is that Amazon’s business model isn’t bulletproof. Any company can be disrupted, even Amazon.”

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