Morrisons to expand UK’s largest ‘ultra-fast’ EV charging network to 100 more locations

Morrisons has announced plans to expand its networks of ultra-fast electric vehicle charging points to a further 100 locations over the next year.

The grocer, which already boasts the UK’s largest network of ‘next generation’ EV charging points, is set to further expand its partnership with GeniePoint.

GeniePoint’s charging stations, capable of providing the majority of electric cars a full charge within 45 minutes, now cover the entirety of England and Wales with its 200th station being installed recently.

The pair will now begin rolling out stations in Scotland beginning this month, expanding across the country throughout the coming year.

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“We know customers don’t want to spend hours waiting for their cars to charge, which is why we’ve made the decision to install the next generation of rapid chargers,” Morrisons fuel and services manager Andrew Ball said.

“It’s important that we continue to offer our customers the convenience of charging their EVs as they shop or eat with us. This summer, whether they’re hitting the coast or visiting the beautiful countryside, customers can take comfort in knowing they are always close to one of our charging points.”

Morrisons announced its EV initiative and partnership with ChargePoint Services, which manufactures the rapid charging stations, back in March 2019 originally promising to install 100 by the end of the year.

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  • GeniePoint’s chargers are far from state of the art. 50kw maximum when most EVs class rapid charging at 120kw +.

    50kw is better than the usual 7kw, but calling it state of the art and rapid is simply missleading.


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