Lidl to launch new self-scan app ‘Lidl Go’

Lidl is set to launch new scan-as-you-shop technology allowing customers to scan and pay for items using their smartphones.

The new technology, understood to be called ‘Lidl Go’, will be rolled out at a Lidl store in Fulwell, southwest London, as part of a new pilot.

According to information in Lidl’s website, first reported by The Grocer, once Lidl Go has been downloaded onto a shopper’s smartphone they can use it to scan barcodes as they shop.

They can also use it to purchase unlabelled fruit and vegetables by scanning a barcode printed at a weighing station.

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While other similar services allow shoppers to avoid checkout’s altogether, it is understood that users will still have to pay for goods at a checkout by scanning a “barcode generated by the app”.

The ‘Lidl Go’ app was trademarked in the UK by the supermarket last month, and was available to download in early access on the Google Play store today.

However, following requests for more information, Lidl has now removed both the early access app and mentions of it from its website.

While its Fulwell store is currently the only location where the technology can be used, Lidl is expected to expand the use more widely if the trial proves successful.

It’s not yet clear if Lidl Go will be part of its wider loyalty app Lidl Plus, which it launched across the UK earlier this year.

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  • I can’t see it taking off. It’s a bit bizarre of Lidl to do really. Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

  • Sounds like “Head in Sand” Chris Davie.
    We’ve been using what sounds like an identical system/app in Sainsbury for ages. Works really well.
    Saves time at the checkout, honest!

  • Asda and Sainsbury’s have similar apps which work well. It is only natural that the hard discounters will want to explore this as another way to reduce costs. Customers will also like not having their grcoeries thrown through the till at lightening speed!

  • Good idea keeping up with other retailers but just like the self service checkouts that surprisingly even now in 2021 we still get customers complaining about how they take jobs off people and refuse to use them….when in actual fact they create more jobs than ever as it needs someone to manage them and help customers scan their shopping, they also create jobs behind the scenes that these negative people don’t realise such as an I.T department to manage software and hardware issues and then beyond that it also needs software and hardware engineers to physically maintain and repair the machines….they actually create more work and job’s than ever just to keep these operating! But with this lidl go this will also set customers off on a rant saying it’s taking job’s when they don’t even realise it’s taken a whole team of I.T software and hardware developers to create the technology and the app which will have created many new jobs behind the scenes to keep this app functioning things like addtional call centre staff for customers experiencing tech problems for example…. so for people who instantly presume all this new technology that speeds up shopping and checkout processes without actually having to go through a checkout is going to take jobs such as checkout staff, don’t worry at all because the less time staff are needed on tills the better stock replenishment and availability there will be for customers if more staff are able to be more hands on on the shop floor so it’s a win win – new jobs created for new technologies and better shopping experiences for everyone

  • Verry good


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