Asos launches internal investigation after numerous allegations of sexual harassment


Asos has brought in specialist employment lawyers to launch an internal investigation into accusations of widespread sexual harassment throughout the company.

Asos has become the latest major UK fashion retailer to stand accused of being a “boys club” and allowing inappropriate sexual behaviour in the workplace to flourish.

It comes after a number of anonymous posts were published on Instagram in Spring, levelling allegations of sexual misconduct at senior employees within Asos.

The Telegraph, revealed that it has since spoken to dozens of current and former employees who claim senior men at the company had acted inappropriately to staff “far, far (their) junior”.

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One source alleged that a senior buyer made comments about her breasts, while another senior executive often winked at staff and behaved in a “sleazy” manner.

The complaints to HR reportedly cover everything from sexual harassment, to racism, bullying and homophobia.

According to The Telegraph, Asos staff are now being interviewed as part of a major internal investigation into the claims.

It is understood that the investigation is being carried out by a team of specialist employment lawyers.

“As soon as we became aware of the allegations about us and other brands … we launched an internal review, supported by legal experts” Asos said.

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