Alibaba to “fire and never rehire” manager accused of raping female employee

Alibaba says it will “fire and never rehire” a manager who has been accused of raping an employee while on a work trip.

The Chinese ecommerce giant has been rocked by allegations, shared widely on social media, that one of its male managers ordered a female employee to drink, then sexually assaulted her while she was passed out in a hotel room.

The unidentified female employee posted an 11-page account of the alleged attack, much of which was widely shared on Weibo, China’s answer to Twitter.

Alibaba says it is working with police to investigate the allegations, which claim the victim was persuaded to travel with her manager for a client meeting in Jinan, hundreds of miles from Alibaba’s head office in Hangzhou.

In Jinan, the victim says she was ordered to drink excessive amounts of alcohol during dinner, and remembers waking up in her hotel room the next day without any clothes on.

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According to the account, she obtained CCTV footage of her manager going into her room four times throughout the night.

In an internal memo to employees, seen by the BBC, Alibaba’s chief executive Daniel Zhang said the accused admitted that “intimate acts” took place on the night in question, adding that they “will be fired and never be rehired.

“Whether he has committed rape or indecency that violates the law will be determined by law enforcement.

“We will do everything we can to take care of her.”

Two more managers who failed to act after the victim reported the incident to HR are also understood to have resigned.

“In the entire incident handling process, the HR function did not pay enough attention and care to our people,” the memo continued.

“They were rational but lacked empathy and care. At the same time, an emergency response system was absent, and a severe misjudgement was made.”

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