Tesco Bank faces backlash as it prevents customers switching soon-to-be-closed current accounts


Tesco has been forced to stop customers switching their current accounts after it became overwhelmed by a torrent of requests to change services.

Tesco Bank announced late last month that it would close 213,000 current accounts by the end of November this year, estimating that just 12 per cent of these were used as customers’ main accounts.

In the wake of the announcement, thousands of Tesco Bank current account holders contacted the bank requesting a transfer of their accounts via the Current Account Switching Service (CASS).

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Tesco, which launched its banking arm in 2014, struggled to deal with the influx of requests and was forced to temporarily suspend account switching to deal with the backlog.

This caused already unhappy account holders to take to social media to express their anger at their inability to switch accounts.

“We are working closely with Tesco Bank as they seek to resolve the issues some of their customers have had as they try to switch to new current accounts,” a CASS spokesperson said.

“Those customers will benefit from the Current Account Switch Service guarantee, which means their new bank will switch their payments and transfer the balance, and their old bank will take care of closing the old account.”

Tesco has been phasing out its current accounts since 2019 when it stopped any new accounts from being opened.

Customers will need to switch their accounts before November 30 this year, but will be unable to access some features from October 15.

While the bank’s current accounts will be scrapped, Tesco Bank customers’ credit card, loan, insurance and the majority of savings accounts will remain unaffected.

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  • Elizabet Downes
    December 11, 2021 4:21 pm

    Tesco would not only disallow my reqest to switch, originally promising a cheque to be sent on the 30th. Npv. and now ny the 21st. Dec. (verbally). and now sending me all sorts of bumph but not my money. I am very unhappy with them.


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