Tesco gears up to offer ‘just walk out’ tech in central London stores

Tesco has readied one of its express stores in central London to offer ‘just walk out’ technology in a bid to rival smart grocer Amazon Fresh.

The store, based in High Holborn has been closed for a small duration as the company installed new capabilities to offer the smart shopping technology.

Ceiling-hung cameras and new pay gates powered by Trigo have been installed in order to allow customers to walk out with their shopping without visiting a pay point.

The new store refurbishment comes after the grocery giant trialed the Trigo technology at its headquarters in Welwyn Garden City in 2018.

Tesco chief executive Ken Murphy said that Tesco would be “extending that [trial] to another store to check it in a more urban environment”.

“One of the joys of machine learning is it is continuously improving, so we’re feeling confident that we can put it into another store with higher traffic,” he said.

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Tesco have refused to reveal the date for the launch of the ‘just walk out’ store however it said it would announce the details when there was a date for the store’s debut.

New grocery rival Amazon has announced it is poised to opened up its fifth Fresh store in the London borough of Camden.

Analysts believe its quickly expanding UK store estate marks a “seminal moment” for the country’s grocery market and that the UK’s biggest players could soon be challenged by the ecommerce giant.

Shore Capital’s retail analyst Clive Black said: “We don’t think Amazon is engaging in all this guff because it wants to be a marginal player in UK grocery.

“We expect Amazon to be the key cog in the industry’s organisational change in the next five to 10 years. And we would be very surprised if it didn’t acquire a major British supermarket chain.”



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