H&M is set to launch new fashion resale platform Rewear as second-hand market booms

H&M has announced plans to launch a new fashion resale platform dubbed ‘Rewear’ allowing shoppers to buy and sell fashion items from any brand.

Rewear will launch in Canada on September 7 and be “inclusive of all brands in Canada rather than just limiting this platform for H&M products”, according to the retailer.

While it will allow customers to buy and sell any brands, Rewear is set to include a number of smart solutions to help sellers list H&M items quickly and easily.

Sellers can input the unique product number found on the label of their H&M garment into the Rewear app, giving them access to pictures, descriptions and colours from previous seasons.

Other high-tech tools include first picture retouches on all listings, price recommendations based on similar listings and a ‘smart button’ enabling customers to resell items with one click.

Sellers can choose to receive their payment via a direct deposit, or via an H&M voucher which will include a 20 per cent added value.

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“We want to provide a destination for Canadians to become active participants in circularity and find new homes for garments from any brand in their closet,” H&M Canada’s country manager Frederic Tavoukdjian said.

“As this is a Canadian initiative, H&M Canada will be the first market to launch Rewear.

“Although we offer garment collecting in our stores, we felt it was important to find a second way for our customers to recycle their clothing.

It comes just months after H&M’s majority owned resale platform Sellpy announced plans to expand across 20 new markets.

The second-hand marketplace has become a key focus for H&M since it first bought a stake in the company in 2015, banking on Sellpy to expand its revenue steams outside of its core fast-fashion offering.

Sellpy’s unique methods, focusing on sustainability, make it a favourite with increasingly conscientious shoppers and it believes demand is continuing to “grow rapidly”.

Unlike other resale services like Depop, Sellpy will collect a bag of unwanted clothes from a customer, sort through them then sell the goods on its own platform, giving customers 40 per cent of the proceeds.

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