Amazon is being sued for sacking an employee who claims to have IBS for taking too many bathroom breaks


Amazon is being sued by a former warehouse worker who was fired for taking too many bathroom breaks despite having irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Maria Iris Jennitte Olivero, who worked at one of Amazon’s warehouses in New Jersey, is suing Amazon and seeking unspecified damages for discriminating against someone with a disability.

According to Business Insider, Olivero filed the case with the New Jersey Superior Court in June, detailing how she was fired in what she claims was a breach of state laws.

Olivero, who started working for Amazon in July 2020, says she informed her manager in November 2020 about her IBS, stating that she needed to use the bathroom up to six times per day.

Her manager informed Olivero that she needed a doctors note to provide proof of her condition, which the filing suggests she never attained.

In January this year, Olivero was informed she was going to be written up for her bathroom usage, and that she would need to provide a doctors note within five days.

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The filing states that Olivero’s first available doctors’ appointment was six days later, and she was sacked from the company after the five-day notice period.

“At that time, (Olivero) was informed by (her manager) that it was ‘too late’ to provide a doctor’s note and that she was being terminated by Defendants,” the complaint read.

It is the latest in a string of controversies surrounding Amazon’s treatment of warehouse workers, which often focus on the limited breaks it allows its staff.

Amazon is understood to be attempting to escalate the case to Federal Court, and has not responded to requests for comment.

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