Peloton to rerelease its controversial Tread+ after recall

Peloton is rereleasing its controversial Tread+ device after months of controversy surrounding its safety.

In May, Peloton finally recalled the treadmill after it had come under fire from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and customers over the device’s safety.

The CPSC said, at the time, it had received over 70 reports of incidents involving the Tread+ which included one fatality.

A video also was posted online of a young child being dragged underneath the device which put further pressure under the company to recall the treadmill.

The product recall resulted in $4 billion being wiped off Peloton’s value after it had seen significant growth during the initial stages of the pandemic when gyms were forced to close.

After the controversy, Peloton eventually offered a full refund to any consumers who don’t wish to keep the £3000 machine.

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The fitness tech brand is rereleasing a redesigned version of the Tread+ which will now cost around $2,495 (£1,817) and is set to go on sale across the UK, Canada and the US at the end of the month.

The new device will also launch in Germany featuring three new German running instructors too.

Now, instead of a 32-inch screen, the new Tread+ will come with a 23.8 inch HD touchscreen with a built-in speaker system.

The device will also come in at a smaller size compared to the original as well as featuring a more traditional running belt instead of the slatted design its predecessor had.

Any customer who sent off their treadmill back to Peloton as part of May’s recall will receive all of these upgrades for free.

The new device will also include a range of safety features including the Tread Lock which was introduced to the Tread+ back in May to prevent children from using the device.

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