DressX launches dedicated NFT digital fashion store on Crypto.com

DressX has partnered with non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Crypto.com to launch a dedicated virtual fashion store dubbed.

DressX NFT will be established as a standalone section on Crypto.com, selling a range of clothing available purely as digital assets.

Speaking to Forbes, DressX co-founder Natalia Modenova said that the partnership expands the use of NFTs for collectors, allowing them to “wear their fashion looks on real-time photos and videos, anywhere in the DressX app.”

“This way, when purchasing an NFT, the client adds new artwork to their collection but unlocks new possibilities for digital fashion stored right on their phone,” she added.

“Unlike physical couture, which is very limited in its use-cases, digital fashion provides a room for creativity and introduces unlimited opportunities for self-expression.

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Crypto.com’s senior director of NFT acquisition Jeremy Lewis added that there was “no better brand to introduce our users to digital fashion.”

“This is just the beginning of what will be a very exciting and fruitful partnership with limitless possibilities,” he continued.

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