Google to allow retailers to display “LGBTQ-friendly” badges on their profile pages

Google will now allow retailers to display “LGBTQ-friendly” badges on their Business Profile page to mark their shops as safe spaces for all shoppers.

The tech giant has launched a new #OpenToEveryone campaign, aiming to encourage medium-sized businesses to identify as ‘LGBTQ-friendly’ through the use of a specific attribute on their business pages, which will be visible via Google Search and Google Maps.

According to research conducted by Stonewall in 2017, one in seven LGBTQ+ people report experiencing discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identity when in a shop or department store.

Google’s campaign, which it is working with creative agency House of Greenland to deliver, will also allow businesses to signpost their stores with attributes like “women-led”, expanding the information available through its platform from just opening times and location.

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“According to Stonewall, giving businesses the opportunity to mark themselves as a safe space for the LGBTQ community is a key tool to help combat discrimination,” Google’s product marketing manager Charles-antoine de Leiris said.

“Through the LGBTQ-friendly attribute, all businesses can mark themselves as a safe space, and a welcoming environment for customers regardless of their sexual identity. House of Greenland has done a great job conveying the joy customers feel and express when this all comes together.”

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