Alibaba fires 10 whistleblowers for publicising sexual abuse claims

Alibaba has dismissed 10 employees for leaking the claims of a female employee’s who said she’d been sexually assaulted by a former manager, according to Bloomberg.

The 10 employees were rumoured to have shared screenshots of the woman’s post in the public domain after first removing watermarks of their IDs.

The employees were fired after violating company policy surrounding the exposure of content on employee forums, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

A further three employees have been reprimanded for making inappropriate comments in the same public forum.

Alibaba has so far declined to comment on the news.

The accuser originally posted an 11-page document on the Alibaba intranet portal earlier this month accusing her manager and a client of sexually assaulting her.

Her report also claimed that Human Resources had also not taken the matter seriously enough in the five days after she reported it.

The manager accused of the sexual assault was also sacked along with the 10 others, but he was lambasted by Chinese state media for not acting until the accuser went public with her claims.

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The ecommerce giant sacked the employees after concluding an internal investigation however has not yet announced the end findings of the probe, Bloomberg reported.

Alibaba began offering self-defence training to employees as part of a major new initiative designed to “intensify our zero-tolerance policy against sexual misconduct” earlier this month following the claims.

The ongoing state-led clampdown on Chinese Big Tech which has seen Alibaba receive the lion’s share of the sanctions has meant that ecommerce rivals Pinduoduo and have thrived.’s revenue leapt 26 per cent on the year last quarter as its overall sales exceed’s Alibaba’, however the latter has triple the transaction volume as a result of differing business models.

Pinduoduo reported 2.4 billion yuan ($371.3 million) net profit for the three months through June which marks its first positive quarter since listing on the Nasdaq in 2018.

The company’s user base has also increased by 24 per cent in the year through to June to 850 million, which is more than Alibaba’s.

Alibaba saw its operating profit slump 11 per cent on the year last quarter amid the government crackdown and record antitrust fine which it received from the state-media.

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