Etsy sellers are leaving the app for Shopify

Etsy sellers are leaving the app for ecommerce platform Shopify despite Etsy recently becoming the second biggest ecommerce platform after Amazon.

Sellers say that the selling fees, competitive search results and Shopify’s new badge programme were factors in their decision.

Online seller Hannah England started off selling bath and body products on Etsy before launching a TikTok account to expand her outreach.

Her TikTok account, which was launched in February, now has over 520,000 followers and has been a significant factor in her shop now completing 1,200 sales a month on Etsy.

However she, alike many other sellers in similar situations, has decided to move her operations to ecommerce platform Shopify.

Shopify has recently made it possible for TikTok users to purchase goods directly through the app on accounts that are linked to their Shopify platforms.

The new “social commerce” feature is in its trial phase however is expected to be rolled out to more sellers like England, who advertise their products on their TikTok pages.

“By bringing shopping to TikTok, Shopify merchants will be able to fully tap into the reach and scale of one of the fastest growing entertainment platforms in the world, which has hundreds of millions of users and is fast becoming a source for shopping inspiration,” a Shopify spokesperson told Business Insider.

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England’s first release of products on Shopify sold out within 15 minutes.

She said: “I like having my own domain. I feel like I have a lot more brand identity, having my own shop and getting to customize it to look the way that I want.”

England is one of a number of sellers who have been posting content on platforms such as Reddit, Twitter and TikTok about leaving Etsy for Shopify.

An investigation by Business Insider led to six other sellers who were making the same move, either leaving Etsy entirely or using Shopify’s arsenal of apps to increase sales outside of Etsy.

The average Shopify merchant uses around six apps to help run their business, many of which are free to use.

One of the reason sellers are doing so is because there is less opportunity  to create a strong brand identity on Etsy.

This is down to facing large competition in search results and high seller fees.

Etsy also charges sellers fees for listing and transactions on top of fees for its other services including advertising, shipping and subscriptions.

While Shopify has its own subscription fees, it has different cost tiers for different sellers depending on their revenues.

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