Vans latest to launch digital fashion range with Roblox Vans World

Vans has become the latest brand to delve into the world of digital fashion as it launches a digital store in Roblox.

The skateboarding brand has launched The Roblox Vans World where virtual visitors can try on and buy original Vans footwear and practice skating in the Vans Off the Wall-inspired skatepark.

Vans’ digital store will enable players to customer their skateboards and shoes, offering four customisable models which can be worn across the Roblox ecosystem.

Roblox is an increasingly popular virtual network or ‘game creation system’, which allows users to both create their own games and explore other peoples creations.

Crucially it also enables transactions in its own digital currency Robux, enabling users to buy items and skins for their avatars for real money.

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In May Gucci became the first retailer to experiment with an activation withing the games world with the Gucci Garden.

During the activation Gucci sold a digital version of its iconic Dionysus Bag with Bee for 475 Robux, around $6.

However, it wasn’t long before scalpers caught wind of this unique virtual item and began reselling it for increasingly exorbitant prices.

Eventually the virtual Dionysus Bag with Bee sold for 350,000 Robux, the equivalent of around $4115, over $700 more than the real-life Gucci bag retails for at $3400.

“Individual expression is deeply embedded in skate culture, and Vans has been supporting and enabling this exact type of creativity for more than 50 years,” Vans vice president Nick Street said.

“With the Vans World experience on Roblox, we are empowering creative expression in the digital world, bridging the gap between virtual and real-world fashion and sports in an accessible, inclusive way.

“Cans is a global icon and advocate for youth culture, and we’re thrilled to bring this authentic brand experience to the millions of Vans enthusiasts where they are – on Roblox.”

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