Retraced app can track cotton from farm to its final garment

Retraced, a blockchain start-up, is able to trace every single kilogram of cotton from the farm it was harvested at to the garment it is then made into.

The app, which is made as part of a farm-to-fashion cotton traceability project with clothing manufacture Artistic Milliners, has been developed in order to make sure the cotton picking industry is as transparent as possible as more consumers are demanding to know where they got their products from.

The project, which was launched earlier this year, now includes over 500 cotton farmers in Pakistan who have access to a mobile app which manages their entire process, from sowing, to picking and shipment.

This means the entire lifecycle of the cotton can be tracked and traced from the ginner, which is used to separate cotton from its seeds.

Once picked, the digitally tagged cotton will be sent to Artistic Milliners’ facility in Karachi where it is spun, dyed, weaved and cut.

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The data produced will mean retailers are better equipped to make judgements on where to acquire their materials from.

After a number of brands were subjected to a nation-wide, state-led boycott in China after retailers such as H&M and Nike accused the Chinese government of human rights violations against its Uighur muslim population, which is the country’s biggest cotton-producing region.

“While most of our partner companies are currently using our platform for features like supplier assessments, supply chain mapping, vendor management, stakeholder and end-consumer-communication, this new progressive traceability function is a real game-changer for every thought-leading fashion and textile company in the industry,” Retraced said in a statement.

Artistic Milliners was founded in Pakistan in 1949 and it one of the successful denim manufactures in the world.

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