Schuh launches virtual ‘sneaker hunt’ offering 40,000 prizes to players

Schuh has launched a nationwide virtual ‘sneaker hunt’ encouraging customers to explore their local stores and communities for the chance to win 40,000 prizes.

Schuh’s sneaker hunt will invite players in Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, and London to search their local stores and cities for QR codes, which they can scan for a chance to win prizes including everything from a year’s supply of shoes to surfing lessons.

Players will be able to access an interactive map on their smartphones and search for “digital shoeboxes” which they can interact with via augmented reality.

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“We are thrilled to be launching the Schuh Sneaker Hunt to reward our community in a fun and inclusive way.

“PHD Manchester worked closely with us to create an innovative experience, allowing everyone the chance to take part, explore their city and local stores and hopefully be rewarded with a prize in doing so.”

According to Schuh the campaign, which will be launched across all its social channels, Reddit, Twitch and Roblox, is designed to help get its customers back outside following the pandemic in a bid to boost mental wellness.

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