Brandy Melville bosses posted pornography, racist comments and photos of Hitler in group chat

A Brandy Melville group chat featuring top executives has been revealed to have featured pornography, racist memes mocking Black and Jewish people and screenshots of Hitler.

An investigation by Business Insider into the cult teen brand revealed over 150 screenshots from a group chat coined “Brandy Melville gags”.

The group chat included over 30 men associated with the company, including the chief executive and founder Stephan Marsan, his brother Yvan Marsan and chief financial officer Salvatore Rianna.

Some of the texts also involved images of Greta Thunberg with crude captions, photos of nude women and couples having sexual intercourse.

Over 20 of the 150 screenshots featured Adolf Hitler and others referenced the Holocaust and Jewish people.

One particular screenshot showed Marsan sending a photo in which he had folded a shirt to obscure certain letters of a word, spelling out “Hitler.”

According to claims made by current and former staff, Marsan demanded full body photos of store staff and sacked anyone who didn’t match up to his ideal of blonde, skinny and white.

“If she was black, if she was fat… he didn’t want them in the store,” former senior vice president of Brandy Melville Luca Rotondo told the Business Insider.

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“There was no sugar coating it,” a former New York regional manager said.

“It was ‘She is skinny, white, blond, and pretty, let’s hire her’.”

According to former employees, before a candidate was given a retail position, executives would be sent photos of their Instagram profile to make sure they fit the ‘Brandy Melville look’.

Eight former employees also revealed that the more they fitted the look, the more they would be paid.

Former retail workers at the retailer’s New York stores alleged that black employees would be designated less desirable roles such as in the stockroom or on night shifts and would only be hired for “prime hours” out of staff shortages, only to be fired when white candidates became available.

Other employees also revealed that staff as young as fourteen would be asked to undress in front of Melville executives as they tried on clothing items.

Brandy Melville have yet to comment on the allegations.

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