Finch launches first ‘mixed reality’ fashion line

Finch has launched the world’s first “mixed reality” line of clothing, allowing wearers to upgrade their outfit with augmented reality (AR) digital overlays.

The Ukrainian fashion brand has teamed up with tech company FFFACE.ME to launch the innovative collection, which will be unveiled on catwalks at the Dubai Expo 2020 in October, Reuters reported.

Each item in the half-physical, half-digital collection will come complete with a QR code which when scanned will activate a unique filter which overlays the clothes to give them an ‘upgraded’ appearance.

The collection, which ranges between $70 and $178 per piece, will offer numerous virtual 3D animations for each garment, which creators say will promote sustainability.

“By using augmented reality a designer can create items beyond physical characteristics of fabrics or elements of clothing which do not exist in the real world, but can be seen as dynamic 3D objects in virtual reality,” Finch co-founder Kateryna Biakova told Reuters.

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Iterable’s director of marketing Elle Nadal added: “This innovative collection from Finch is indicative of the changing face of physical retail, and the blurring of the lines between in-person and digital.

“With ecommerce continuing its upwards trend, many brands are rethinking how they create meaningful in-person experiences. Next-gen technology like AR offers a potent way to go beyond the traditional and create an experience that wows consumers.

“The key is connecting this in-store experience with future online engagement. Finch’s inherent compatibility with Instagram is a perfect example of this, creating a memorable in-person experience that seamlessly connects to future customer engagements online.

“Brands that are able to embrace the best of both of these worlds will be able to wow customers in the moment whilst simultaneously nurturing long-term relationships for the future.”

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