This AI-powered robotic picking arm could soon be sorting you fashion orders

Retail tech companies GXO and KNAPP have launched a new AI-powered automated picking robot arm which they are testing for use in fashion supply chains.

The “Pick-it-East Robot” uses AI-based vision to recognise each product, identify the optimal gripping point and speed, before sorting and grouping products.

The tech, developed by KNAPP, is currently being trialled at an ecommerce fashion retailer’s warehouse in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

While it is the first real world application of the robotic picking arm, the pair plan to expand its roll out and introduce an additional four robots in Tilburg in the near future.

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“As a leader in logistics innovation, we’re constantly exploring automation that can transform distribution and order fulfilment processes,” GXO’s chief information officer Sandeep Sakharkar said.

“The successful launch of the Tilburg pilot has allowed us to ensure that our customers get the greatest benefit and value from this technology.”

KNAPP’s product manager for robotic systems Markus Posch added:  “The adaptability demonstrated by our Pick-it-Easy Robot is proving up to the challenge of complex ecommerce warehouse environments. We’re excited to build on our milestone collaboration with GXO within the fashion sector.”

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