Amazon wants sellers to offer returnless refunds or provide domestic returns for orders under £20

Amazon wants its overseas sellers to offer either a UK return address or offer a returnees refund for all orders under £20.

The change will occur on the 5th October for any seller on its marketplace that fulfils customer orders from outside the UK.

The £20 will include any shipping charges and will apply to any item or the total order value.

UK sellers however will not have to amend their shipping options for customers.

“We request that you offer either Returnless Refund or provide a Domestic return option for items and orders under £20 (including VAT and shipping charges) as part of our Selling on Amazon Returns policy,” The company said in a statement.

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“In such instances, we will generate a prepaid return label (see Amazon Prepaid Return Label), which the customer can use to return the items.

“To set your UK default return address, access the Seller Account Information page, go to Settings – Account Info – Shipping and Returns Information section, click Return Address, and then fill it out with the appropriate address.”

If overseas sellers do not provide a default UK return address for orders under £20 then Amazon will automatically issue the customer with a returnees refund on your behalf where the return requests fall within the boundaries of the company’s return policy.

The policy is expected to affect overseas sellers that sell low value goods the most.

Amazon said that the change will help to standardise the returns process for consumers and sellers for low-cost items where international labels are traditionally more expensive than the cost of the item.

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