Just Eat has been the fastest growing online marketplace since 2019

Just Eat Takeaway.com has been the fastest growing online marketplace since 2019 according to data from OnlineCasinoMaxi.

The takeaway company registered a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 252 per cent from 2019 to this year.

The pandemic saw an upturn in the amount of deliveries and delivery brands on the market as consumers were forced to stay indoors.

And the brand doesn’t plan to rest on its laurels and has recently announced ambitious growth plans as it looks to hire 1500 new employees over the coming year.

The food delivery industry grew by $3.7 billion last year to reach a valuation of $11.4 billion, double its value in 2015.

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Last year, Just Eat merged with Dutch-based takeaway specialist Takeaway.com in a deal with $6 billion.

The company is now the biggest player in the UK’s food delivery market.

Just Eat Takeaway acquired US delivery platform Grubhub for $7.3 billion earlier this year as it expanded its operations into the US.

Its rival in the US and DoorDash and German brand Delivery Hero are also projected to see similar levels of CAGR, with experts predicting 119 per cent and 115 per cent respectively.

“Online marketplaces flourished due to the lockdowns of 2020, and the industry looks set to sustain its significance in the post-pandemic world,” OnlineCasionoMaxi editor Rex Pascual said.

“With fierce competition as its main driver, expect plenty of innovation to come from the industry as competitors jockey for their share of the market.”

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