Amazon set to launch its own POS system as it takes aim at Shopify

Amazon is set to its very own point-of-sale (POS) system as it takes aim at rival Shopify’s small business customers.

According to a new report from Business Insider, the retail giant has created an internal task force to develop the POS system, capable of handling instore and online transactions.

The device will also reportedly allow merchants to add Amazon checkout options, provide inventory analytics and link to other Amazon services such as Prime and Flex Delivery.

A leaked document, seen by the publication, said that the system will allow small businesses to “unify their online and offline channel management including inventory, offer Amazon One for contactless recognition and payment, and offer a customizable loyalty program that can utilize Prime benefits.

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“We believe this offering lets Amazon to do the heavy lifting of order placement and fulfillment at a rate that is more affordable than other competitors, thus allowing SMBs to focus on their product development and growth,” the document said.

The project hints at Amazon’s growing ambitions in the world of physical retail, stretching far beyond its own branded stores like Amazon Go, the UK’s Amazon Fresh and its rumoured department stores.

It also marks yet another sector Amazon is hoping to disrupt, putting it in direct competition with fintech firms like PayPal and Square, alongside retail software giant Shopify.

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