Amazon will pay 100% of college tuition fees for its US hourly employees


Amazon has announced it will offer to pay college tuition fees for 750,000 of its US hourly employees in bid to entice more workers.

The ecommerce behemoth is following the lead of its rivals by offering its employees perks to try and fill the worsening gaps in the retail workforce.

US retailer Target, announced last month that it would cover the cost of associate and undergraduate degrees at select schools, while Walmart promised it would pay for tuition and books for associates of its Walmart and Sam’s club.

Amazon’s promise will ring true in January, where it will cover the costs of its hourly employees tuition fees, textbooks and any other materials they need for their educations while they work at Amazon.

The programme will start with the company covering high school diploma programmes, GED’s (equivalent to GCSE’s in the UK) and English as a second language qualifications for its employees.

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Its large network of logistics employees will be included in the benefit scheme.

The promise is just next in a line of worker benefit schemes it is handing out amid a competitive market.

Amazon is currently offering sign-on bonuses new employees worth up to £3,000 as a result.

“We’re spending a lot of money on signing and incentives, and while we have very good staffing levels, it’s not without a cost,” Amazon chief financial officer Olsavsky told investors.

“It’s a very competitive labor market out there.”

The company has been on a mission to increase its workforce since the start of the pandemic, where it saw record sales, hiring 500,000 employees last year.

Recently, Amazon has said it wants to hire a further 750,000 employees across its vast logistics and delivery networks in the US and Canada.

The roles will offer a starting wage of $17 per hour.

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