Peloton launch its own clothing line to rival Nike


Peloton has launched its own apparel brand in a bid to compete with sportswear brands like Nike and Lululemon.

Pelton has previously given its buyers the chance to buy merchandise made through collaborations with Adidas, Lululemon and Nike, however Peloton Apparel is its standalone line.

The new collection will feature a range of men’s and women’s styles, which will cost its buyers between $15 and $118.

Women’s leggings will be priced around $78 to $99, similar to those found on athleisure rival Lululemon’s site.

The range will include a selection of different fabrics which are suited to different exercises that are not specific to its own equipment, including yoga.

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“With each collection, we’re offering reliable pieces that support your sweatiest days, your busiest days, your rest days and beyond,” Peloton vice president of apparel Jill Foley said.

“Our goal with this brand is to enhance our Members’ lifestyles, not just one part of their day,” Jill Foley said in the press release.”

Peloton chief executive John Foley said in October that the company had previously sold 600,000 pieces of branded apparel in collaboration with other brands.

According to Business Insider, Peloton will focus on its own brand of clothing in the coming months as opposed to seeking new collaboration opportunities.

“We’re always listening to our Members when it comes to what they want in the apparel space so, if it makes sense and we know it’s something our community will love, then a special co-branded capsule is absolutely something we would consider,” a spokesperson told Business Insider. 

“But, at the moment, we’re very much focused on launching and continuing to grow Peloton Apparel.”

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