Retailers are refusing to take cash despite easing of restrictions


One in five people are still being blocked from paying with cash despite the easing of social distancing restrictions according to Which?.

This was most likely to happen while grocery shopping and Which? is encouraging businesses to sign up to its Cash Friendly pledge to ensure its customers who regularly use cash aren’t excluded by increases in digital payments.

A separate study conducted by in June found that one in five over 65s still rely on cash for their everyday spending.

The research, will surveyed over 3,000 people found was commissioned to gauge customer experiences of trying to pay with cash.

In one of the surveys, which was conducted over the phone, 18 per cent of respondents said that they were refused at least one cash payment.

Of those, 16 per cent said they were then unable to pay for an item as a result.

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Over 30 per cent of respondents said that they were restricted to card payments when shopping for groceries.

This figure was then followed by small purchases in shops (31 per cent) and then buying refreshments including takeaway coffees (31 per cent).

According to Which? 84 per cent of consumers believe that businesses should continue to accept cash as a form of payment.

Millions of people are still not ready to use digital methods of payment for everything they purchase, according to the consumer group.

Cash can be useful for boosting local economies and people who take cash out are more likely to reinvest it on their local high streets.

A corroborating bit of research from the Post Office found that 66 per cent of UK consumers believe that cash is pivotal to helping the economy recover after the pandemic.

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