Tesco expands partnership with reusable container brand Loop

Tesco has expanded its partnership with recyclable container company Loop as it pushes for more eco-friendly approach.

Loop had previously been operating in select Tesco stores however it is now being rolled out to 10 large store locations in the east of the country.

The recycling brand allows customers to purchase items in reusable containers and packaging that can be returned to the store, cleaned, refilled and then put back on the shelf.

The reusable range will include 88 products including popular brands including Persil, Carex, Tetley, BrewDog and Fever-Tree.

Tesco has also included 35 of its own branded items in the range which will include cupboard staples such as pasta, rice, oil and sugar, with more rumoured to be added later this year.

If customers wish to use the Loop service, they simply visit the fixture in the store before adding the products they want to their baskets and pay as usual.

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The range comes ready in prefilled containers and so customers are not required to bring their own packages or refill the containers themselves.

The items in the range are priced comparably to the original item, with a fully refundable deposit which starts at £0.20 and paid on each reusable product.

The deposit is then refunded via an app when the customer returns the item packaging to the specified collection point.

If customers in the stores where Loop is active switched items such as Coca-Cola, ketchup and washing up liquid bottles to the reusable alternatives, the packaging would be reused more than two and a half million times a year.

Loop ambassadors will be on hand to answer any enquires customers may have about the service in-store.

“We are determined to tackle plastic waste and one of the ways we can help is by improving reuse options available to customers,” Tesco chief executive Ken Murphy said.

“Bringing Loop to our stores is a significant milestone in this journey.

“With 88 everyday products available, we’re giving customers a wide range of options and we’ll learn as much as we can from this to inform our future packaging plans.”

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