MusicMagpie becomes first seller to hit 10 million feedback mark on Ebay


MusicMagpie has become the first seller on Ebay to hit the 10 million feedback milestone on the platform.

The 10 millionth piece of feedback for the re-commerce seller was for a “The Very Best of Josef Locke” CD.

MusicMagpie has actually shipped tripled that number of items as the company has left 32 million feedback for buyers of items it has listed.

What makes the 10 million figure even more impressive is that buyers are not obliged to leave feedback for items the purchase on the platform.

MusicMagpie didn’t start listing its items on Ebay until 2011 and has since extended its foothold on the highstreet by opening over 30 stores.

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The platform listed on the London stock exchange AIM market last year with the hope of hitting a market capitalisation of £200 million.

“The Company has been on a fantastic journey since Walter Gleeson and I founded it in 2007, and I am hugely proud of the hard work, innovation and dedication of our people in getting the business to where it is today,” Steve Oliver said back in April.

“I am thrilled that our colleagues can now have a direct stake in MusicMagpie’s future success.”

The company hit headlines at the G7 summit in Cornwall when it unveiled a huge structure constructed out of discarded electronics at Carbis Bay in order to highlight the huge impact e-waste is having on the environment.

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