Sainsbury’s to offer discounts to Nectar customers through digital loyalty scheme


Sainsbury’s will start to offer discounts to its customers through a new digital loyalty scheme and self-scanner service.

Britain’s second largest supermarket said the move to offer more tailored discounts via its Nectar scheme was the most advanced in the country.

The initiative goes further than just offering loyalty points to customers to then redeem at the checkouts, as it is designed to get customers to use its SmartShop handheld scanner or their smartphones.

If the scheme is successful it will ultimately reduce the number of store workers needed to man checkouts.

The grocer said that starting from next Wednesday, Nectar members will have the chance to buy select goods for discounted prices.

The selection will include up to 10 branded and own-brand products which will be selected and rotated on a weekly basis.

The scheme is similar to rival Tesco’s “Clubcard Prices” which gives Clubcard members discounts on popular items.

The Co-Op offers also offers its customers discounts on fewer items based on their spending habits.

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“My Nectar Prices” will give customers a minimum of 10 per cent discount per product, Sainsbury’s chief marketing officer Mark Given told Reuters.

Given said value conscious customers will be offered regular discounts on vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and poultry.

Supermarket rivals Aldi and Lidl have forced the sector to cut their fresh prices through cheap prices.

Sainsbury’s customers that shop more often will get rewarded on the items they usually buy with discounts determined from their user data.

“Advances in cloud computing and automation mean you can now process genuinely unique offers that are personalised to you with more real time data,” Given said.

He added that his team has been working on the personalisation algorithms and engines for up to five years.

Over eight million customers in the UK have registered with Nectar so far and chief executive Simon Roberts is seeking 10 million by the end of 2022.

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