Amazon employees condemn the company’s “subpar” grocery service


Amazon employees have criticised the company’s grocery service, calling it “subpar” meanwhile calling out the “bureaucratic” culture, according to Business Insider.

The comments were made during an all-hands meeting whereby an employee called out the team’s deteriorating working environment and saying that it was to blame for the company’s “subpar” grocery service.

“How is leadership trying to boost innovation in the F3 (Amazon Fresh Food Fast arm) org? Our product and user experience is subpar compared to some startups in the grocery space that have far limited resources,” an employee asked.

The question received almost 80 upvotes from colleagues, becoming one of the most popular questions during the meeting.

“The key concern is that our org has become considerably bureaucratic. And there’s significant focus on perception management rather than actual output.

“It also means that there’s a heightened concern around people being put on Focus or delayed promotional paths, that their ideas and viewpoints aren’t aligned with those of their immediate manager,” the worker added, referring to Amazon’s performance-improvement plan called Focus.

Amazon grocery vice president Stephenie Landry reportedly disagreed and claimed the team generated “tremendous” output.

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Despite Amazon’s strong push into the grocery sector, which it has poured billions of dollars into, employees are growing tired of the work culture and the deepening bureaucracy, Business Insider reported.

Many are under the belief that it still lags behind small competitors.

Landry however continued to disagree, saying she didn’t think Amazon’s grocery service was lagging behind competitors however claiming the company  “always going to be inspired” by other services that attract customers.

Another one of the grocery arm’s vice presidents Wei Gao added that she felt there had been a lot of innovation across its in-store experiences and software efficiency.

“We have generated a tremendous amount both from an input and an output perspective on a worldwide basis,” Landry added.

Gao is the next executive in line to leave the ecommerce giant this month, adding to the growing amount of questions being raised around its work culture after an exodus of high-profile executives leaving the company recently.

Amazon Fresh has recently opened its sixth store in the UK in Dalston as it continues its aggressive assault on the UK high street.

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