Lidl trainers reselling for hundreds as demand overtakes Balenciaga and Yeezy

Lidl’s own branded trainers are already being resold online for hugely inflated prices as demand overtakes the likes of Balenciaga and Yeezy.

Lidl launched its #LidlbyLidl range of own-brand merchandise across its UK stores yesterday, including its highly sought after £12.99 trainers, branded socks, shorts and tote bags.

According to new figures published by the Liverpool Echo, search volumes for the trainers hit 135,000 before they were released yesterday.

This outpaced leading footwear makers including Balenciaga, who’s popular Tripple S trainers saw 110,000 searches, and Yeezy Boost 700 which saw 33,100 searches.

Just like when the limited-edition range was released in Lidl’s middle aisles in Finland last year, demand for the trainers have seen them appear on resale platforms like Ebay and Depop for dramatically inflated prices.

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Charged found nearly 500 listings on Ebay for the Lidl trainers, selling for anywhere between £40 and £500, with many bundles including numerous items from the range also appearing.

“Novelty merchandise is quickly becoming one of the most sought after fashion trends in the UK,” merchandising expert and founder of Awesome Merchandise Luke Hodson said.

“It’s not surprising that Lidl have created their colourful clothing line and it fits nicely with the retailer’s playful image.

“Novelty merchandise can make or break a brand’s reputation. Luckily for Lidl, they’ve got a cheeky and likable persona so we predict that their new clothing range will have devoted shoppers adding them to their baskets without question and they’ll soon be sporting the rainbow-coloured items.

“It’s become very apparent to us that Brits love something unique and by wearing your favourite brand’s merchandise, whether that’s an already established apparel brand, the music or film industry, or in this case, supermarkets, you are showing to the world your love and loyalty towards that brand.”

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