Shopify now receives more online traffic than Amazon

Shopify received more online traffic than ecommerce rival Amazon for the first time last quarter, according to Similarweb.

The average number of monthly unique visitors for ecommerce sites powered by Shopify reached 1.16 billion, during the three months ending in June.

Amazon received 1.10 billion average monthly unique visitors during the same period.

This gap is also expected to keep growing wider this quarter, with Shopify sites expected to entice around 1.22 billion monthly unique visitors compared to Amazon’s 1.13 billion.

Shopify sites have seen astronomical growth since May 2020, with figures rising a staggering 108.5 per cent compared to Amazon’s 9.9 per cent, according to data from Similarweb.

“This is the first time we’re seeing that Amazon has a strong competitor in terms of reach,” Similarweb director of investor solutions Ed Lavery told Business Insider.

“Amazon now has a significant competitor out there.”

The data collates figures which include global web traffic from mobile and desktop users however not individual mobile applications.

The Similarweb data excludes the traffic Amazon receives from its other arms including Prime Video.

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While the two ecommerce companies are not direct competitors as Shopify doesn’t sell direct-to-consumer or operate a marketplace its rival does, they do fight over the same online tech merchants.

This is because Shopify operates various online services that enable merchants to sell online.

In response to Shopify’s rapid rise, Amazon has created an internal task force, coined Project Santos, last year in order to combat Shopify’s core small-business merchants, according to Business Insider.

This has prompted Amazon to develop its own point-of-sale (POS) system.

One of the early projects the team is working on is a new type of point-of-sales system, Insider reported earlier this month.

Amazon generated $386 billion in total revenue compared to Shopify’s $2.9 billion and is thought to have sold $490 billion worth of goods with Shopify merchants selling £120 billion, last year.

According to Lavery, merchants view Shopify’s platform “friendly” than Amazon’s in terms of its user fees and flexibility in pricing and customer data.

“Shopify provides a much more vendor-friendly environment to distribute their products,” he said.

“It’s a growing concern for Amazon.”

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