Stitch Fix is “silencing, isolating and manipulating” employees


Stitch Fix is reportedly silencing, isolating and manipulating employees according an ex worker, Business Insider reported.

The stylist, who quit on an internal forum, said she wanted to speak on behalf of stylists fearing of retribution from the styling platform.

“I’m very happy to be done with the company, and I’m very happy to have left in that way,” she told Business Insider.

The stylist, named Aubrey, quit her role after four years during a heated all-hands company meeting earlier this month.

Aubrey’s resignation was the culmination of weeks of internal disagreements and turmoil at Stitch Fix.

She said that the company implemented a number of changes to company pooch will limited schedules and flexibility for the brand’s thousands of stylists, which are heralded as the company’s “heartbeat”.

Aubrey’s resignation followed a period during which she told Business Insider stylists had become “more and more silenced and isolated.”

The former employee had commented on a company intranet forum complaining about the new scheduling policy changes, claiming they were “frustrating and disrespectful” and insisting Stich Fix executives to reconsider.

Stich Fix reprimanded Aubrey, telling her that if she spoke out again she would lose her job.

This led to the stylist taking to the intranet to encourage her fellow workers to push back against the company reforms while also resigning.

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“Although you may feel isolated and that your voice is resonating in an echo chamber, you are NOT an island,” she wrote.

“There are thousands of stylists that work for Stitch Fix, and you are not alone.

“As a company that prides itself on accountability and feedback, the irony of Stitch Fix not being able to handle the reality the stylists are bringing light to, is borderline hilarious, but mostly just manipulative.”

While Stitch Fix is yet to comment on the accusations, Aubrey has received floods of messages on social media from stylists thanking her.

“I’m very happy to be done with the company, and I’m very happy to have left in that way,” she added

“A lot of stylists rely on that income and don’t have the ability to speak up when they want to or need to, so I feel like I also was making a comment for people who couldn’t or weren’t in the place to say anything.”

Stitch Fix’s communication with its stylists oozes “toxic positivity,” according to Aubrey.

The company used terms such as “Stitch Fix grit” when in communication with its stylists, an approach which the former worker claimed was to get employees to “look at the bright side of things, while ignoring the blatant problems.”

Some of the problems included a withering inventory and issues with the company’s proprietary algorithm.

“Whenever you ran into a problem, you were told to just have ‘Stitch Fix grit’ and basically just grin and bear it,” she told Business Insider.

“Instead of really addressing the problem itself, it was put on you to work through, even though there really wasn’t anything you could do about it. You just had to style a bad Fix because you didn’t have an option.”

The frustration reached boiling point when Stitch Fix announced its new guidelines for Stylists last month, which stylists were given two weeks to quit and given $1,000 compensation.

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  • True you can’t say anything back because you will be targeted and then fired. Manager are rude and disrespectful am glad i left that place also. They really treat their employees like garbage


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