Amazon’s department stores will feature high-tech dressing rooms where clothes are brought to you by robots


Amazon rumoured upcoming department stores will feature high-tech dressing rooms which could eventually see clothes brought to you via robots.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which also reported that Amazon was planning to launch a number of physical mini department stores last month, the retailer is developing cutting edge dressing rooms that (in true Amazon fashion) will transform the way we shop for clothes.

While in the department store shoppers will be able to scan the QR code of products they wish to try on with their smartphone, before an employee gathers them all and puts them in a fitting room ready for the shopper.

Once in the fitting room a touchscreen will enable shoppers to order more items to be brought to them, and even suggest similar items based on their current selection.

Eventually, the whole process could be automated entirely, seeing the items you want to try on brought to your changing room via a robot.

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It is also understood that Amazon’s department stores will be largely fitted out with its own private label brands, rather than selections of third-party brands like traditional department stores.

While this is all currently unconfirmed, the report would fit Amazon’s modus operandi to a T.

It comes as the ecommerce giant continues its relentless push into physical retail, opening five of its signature “Just Walk Out” Amazon Fresh grocery stores in London in as many months.

While its disruption of the physical grocery space comes at a period of pandemic-driven prosperity for the sector, traditional department stores have been in significant decline since long before COVID.

American giants JC Penny and Sears, alongside UK stalwarts like Debenhams and House of Fraser have all collapsed or undergone massive reductions in store estates over the past few years.

Those remaining, like the UK’s John Lewis, are now scrambling to modernise their operations after years of dragging their heels in with digital adoption, making the sector ripe for disruption.

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