Amazon to cut pay of truck managers by 23%

Amazon is to cut the pay of the staff that manage its fleet of hundreds of trucks and drivers that arrive at its UK logistics centres and warehouses every day.

The marshals will see their pay slashed by up to 23 per cent according to Business Insider.

Two of the marshals who spoke to Business Insider said they were told that their hourly wage would drop from £13 to £10 starting in October, they chose to remain anonymous out of fear of retribution from the company.

Another marshal, Owen Williams, who runs a the night shift at Amazon’s delivery station near Bristol said he had worked for the ecommerce brand since 2019.

Despite his loyalty, the company told him his pay would fall from £15.45 to £12.40 an hour, nearly a 20 per cent decrease.

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Williams claimed that he wasn’t informed of his pay cut until he demanded a one-on-one meeting with his manager.

Another marshal who is affected told Business Insider said their current pay was only just enough to pay for food, car insurance and their phone bill.

“I’m looking to save to get a mortgage and I’m getting married as well, so that has to be put off for this,” they said.

Amazon has responded by saying that the company was discussing the pay cut with its yard marshals at the delivery stations, where Prime orders are sent out from.

“I used to love the place, and now I hate it,” Williams said.

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