Woolworths launches online marketplace to take on Amazon

Australian retailer Woolworths has launched an online marketplace offering its customers an ecommerce experience which rivals Amazon and Ebay.

The platform, named “Everyday Market” will include kitchen gadgets, cookware, home essentials, health and beauty products, toys, baby and pet care items.

Everyday Market will also stock big ticket items such as Dyson vacuum cleaners and Nutribullet blenders before having the items delivered straight to their doorstep.

Woolworths Everyday Market general manager Lance Eerhard said the supermarket was planning on extending its range to provide an “easier” and “simple” shopping experience.

“We’re focusing on our existing customers and how their shopping experiences go with our marketplace, we’ll let them dictate where we take this platform,” Eerhard told Daily Mail Australia.

The platform will also offer its users points on their purchases through their Everyday Rewards card.

While there is currently over 2,000 items on the platform, Woolworths plans to extend its range by up to 20,000 items in the next months.

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“It’s still very early days but our big ambition is to more than double our online range. It’s an exciting journey and we’re looking to extend those aisles,’ Eerhard added.

There are currently already more than 12 million customers using the platform to shop for groceries each week, according to Eerhard.

“With Everyday Market, we want to help our customers get more of their everyday needs in the one seamless and convenient online shop

“We’re starting with a small group of partners and it really is just the beginning. We have ambitions to more than double our range and offer tens of thousands of products to our customers over time.”

Similarly to Amazon, Everyday Market will also provide partner brands with opportunities to grow their business.

Woolworths is Australia’s largest online grocery retailer and recently reported annual sales of over $3.5 billion in its 2021 financial year report.

This was an increase of around 75 per cent on the 2020 financial year.

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