Tesco rated top retailer for EV charging

Tesco has been named the UK’s top supermarket chain for electric vehicle (EV) charging capabilities according to a new report.

The UK’s leading grocer was found to offer EV charging points at almost half of all its supermarkets, while rival Sainsbury’s had chargers at less than 10 per cent of its stores.

The new report, commissioned by Electrifying.com, found that there were EV charge points at 43 per cent of Tesco’s store locations, followed closely by Morrisons at 40 per cent.

Sainsbury’s lagged massively behind by only offering it at 7 per cent of its 600 store locations.

EV points are widely considered a important measure to help the country lower its carbon footprint collectively.

According to separate research carried out by Electrifying.com, the Department for Transport and the AA, 72 per cent of drivers would be more likely to consider buying an electric car if there was more opportunity to charge at supermarkets.

“Congratulations to Tesco and Morrisons which have both invested heavily to provide customers with good charging facilities,” Electrifying.com founder Ginny Buckley said.

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“We’d love every supermarket site to offer this, but we aren’t there yet.

“We expected more supermarkets to be doing better, but it’s still great to see how some of them have recognised that offering shoppers reliable car charging is not only good for business but will also help give the nation confidence to make the switch.

“With electric cars surging in popularity, providing charging infrastructure at convenient locations is crucial to encourage drivers to go electric sooner, particularly the significant number that don’t have access to off-street parking.”

Both Sainsbury’s and Lidl, where just 15 per cent of the stores have chargers collectively have said they both plan to improve their provision of the service.

A Lidl spokesperson added: “By 2022, we aim to have more than 350 stores with rapid charging points.

“We are the cheapest supermarket provider of pay as you go rapid charging.”

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