“EU truckers and warehouse workers won’t be rushing to save our Christmas” say experts

EU truckers and warehouse workers “will not be rushing to save our Christmas,” according to ParcelHero.

Prime minister Boris Johnson yesterday revealed that only 127 overseas drivers have been granted heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driver visas so far.

Meanwhile ParcelHero has warned that the rapid-growing shortage of warehouse workers is escalating to the collapse of supply chains.

The government u-turn on temporary visas whereby it was offering 5,000 overseas drivers return to the country on a temporary basis has been “given the cold shoulder by EU truckers.”

“The Government’s original, curmudgeonly terms, which would have meant drivers had to return home after Christmas Eve, created almost no interest.

“What did the Government expect after we effectively threw out thousands of European drivers as “unskilled” workers at the end of last year, following Brexit?,” ParcelHero head of consumer research David Jinks said.

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“This week’s increasingly desperate moves to sweeten the deal, by extending food drivers’ visas until the end of February and fuel tanker drivers’ visas until the end of March, have met an equal lack of enthusiasm.”

“Truck drivers are in demand across Europe. Why would they pack in their existing jobs to come back to the UK for a few months?

“1.3 million so-called “unskilled” workers, including many thousands of drivers and supply chain workers, were forced to leave the UK after Brexit.

“Last October, we warned the Government this would create a shortfall of up to 100,000 drivers. Those warnings fell on deaf ears. If the Government thought EU drivers would just forgive and forget, they are sadly mistaken.”

British tech bosses are also concerned of a potential system crash as Black Friday and Cyber Monday beckon.

Facebook’s outage earlier this week has highlighted the fragility of even the biggest tech companies.

There is a real concern that ecommerce systems will be pushed to breaking point, with an unprecedented surge in demand from shoppers and issues in the supply chain and delivery fulfilment.

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